About us

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Pliva d.o.o. Jajce is a company with a long tradition , the components of the company includes two large plants , quarry and stone – stonemasons drive .

The main activity of the company is the production of architectural and decorative stone Plivit .

Decorative stone Plivit

Decorative stone is economical and processing grateful building materials , which are used for centuries to build monuments , religious and other buildings , as evidenced by the numerous remains of ancient cultures of the people who lived on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatian .

The modern way of exploitation and processing of marble Plivit , today it allows even broader application and processing surfaces , while reducing the cost of maintaining the facade and interior paneling .

Plivit as an ornamental stone used to build walls, and internal and external coating facilities for various purposes , fireplaces , decoration of restaurants , fountains , pools , etc.


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